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We start the clock when we arrive and stop it when the last item is placed in your home.  All our costs, labor and overhead are built into the hourly rate so you are not surprised by any hidden fees at the end. 

The prices below are an average to give you an idea for planning moving services.  We prefer to meet with you and give you an actual in person estimate based on the move requirements.

​Hourly move rates:

2 men and a truck $100.00 / hour. Minimum of 3 hours +$85.00 each additional hour

3 men and a truck $125.00 / hour.  Minimum of 3 hours 

4 men and a truck $150.00 / hour.  Minimum of 4 hours 

*Additional charges may apply if the truck needs to be stored overnight.

2 men labor only $60.00 / hour

Each additional man $25.00 / hour

*Packing Materials are NOT included. Please call for rates. Packing is priced on materials and labor needed. Refer to Supply Price Sheet for pricing.

Commercial moves are based on actual estimates and cannot be quoted over the phone. 

There will be additional charges for packing of items that were not prepared ahead of time, hidden items (i.e. basements, attics and garages) not quoted initially, items requiring special handling, equipment or man-power.   

Rates may vary and can change at any time.

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